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Bob Vandemark Master Jeweler

We are very proud to say we have an on-premise repair shop run by master jeweler, Bob Vandemark. Bob grew up in the jewelry business, helping out at the family's store whenever needed.Bob spends most of his days repairing and designing jewelry in the on-premise repair shop.  With the addition of the new state of the art Laserstar laser welder, there is not much Bob can't do.

Jewelry inspected and complimentary cleaning while you wait. Services include:

  • In-house repair
  • Engraving
  • Appraisals
  • Clock Repair
  • Watch Repair

We want you to enjoy your Vandemark jewelry purchase for many years to come. Routine home care of your fine jewelry along with regular care by your jeweler can result in a lifetime of pleasurable wear. We provide our customers with free check-ups of their jewelry to be certain the gemstones are secure and safe in their settings along with complimentary cleanings.

General Guidelines

  • A good general rule of thumb: take off any jewelry when working in the kitchen, garden, cleaning or before going to bed.
  • After wearing, wipe your jewelry with a soft cleaning cloth.
  • Put on your jewelry last, after cosmetics, perfume, hairspray and other chemical substances that can be corrosive or take away the brightness. This is especially true with pearls.
  • Store your jewelry pieces separately, in a jewelry box or pouches, to avoid scratching.
  • Most watches are water resistant, not waterproof. If moisture or dust penetrates the case of your watch, have it checked by an authorized jeweler. Attempts by an untrained repair person my seriously damage the watch and void the factory warranty.

Cleaning Your Jewelry

Cleaning your jewelry is the most important step in keeping your fine jewelry as bright as the day you received them.

A mild soap and water solution used with a soft brush is effective for most home jewelry care needs. For silver jewelry, it is best to use a mild cleaner without bleach or ammonia. Chemicals in some products can damage certain gems, such as pearls, even if they are considered to be mild. Even soft brushes used in applying cleansers can do damage to pearls so check with your jeweler before using commercial cleaners.

Home ultrasonic cleaners are best used for karat gold jewelry without gemstones. The ultrasonic my also be suitable for some diamond-set jewelry; however, the intense vibrations can loosen gems. Do not use the ultrasonic on porous gems such as lapis, coral, pearl or dyed gemstones.

It is recommended that you have your jewelry checked and cleaned twice a year by your jeweler. We will gladly do that for you free of charge.





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